Ring My Bell

The Smartphone is our constant companion, assistant and communication tool, as well as a prominent accessory. With features such as an impact-resistant case and a stylish strap, it is removed from inside the handbag and to a place that is always within reach. 

Ring my Bell is both a mobile phone case and a piece of jewellery, as fashionably versatile as our wardrobes.

Showing some edge: The octagonal protective case and the built-in suspension system constitute the base. Available in different colours and with a matt surface it may be combined with the many different strap designs of Ring my Bell.  Whether you are looking for a leather band, a chain, a para-shoot or suspender, whether your statement is subtle or striking – you can simply change the strap according to style, occasion or weather. The basic model is the starting point – the strap sets the accent. An unmistakable characteristic of ours is the front side, with an interchangeable aluminum plate that offers additional design variations and customised embellishments. 

Each hanging comes with a distinctive Ring my Bell- key ring. Here you may attach keys, a wallet or other small Add-Ons. Almost all of the straps are adjustable to the length desired by the carrier.


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