Loreak Mendian

Loreak Mendian  is a clothing company founded in 1995, in San Sebastián. Over the years our creative team has grown and matured, while making garments evolve into more elaborate and contemporary pieces, inspired by our closest surroundings, in spite of having an international vision.

Our creations are based on an unprejudiced approach to fashion and the need to enjoy the process, though emphasizing on the quality and practicality of our clothes. We love revisiting the classics and reframing them with a sporty touch and a blurred vision of masculine and feminine, in a very up-to-date and contemporary way. 

Loreak Mendian ’s main influences are the landscape, the know-how and art.

The landscape represents our standing point, from which we contemplate the world. We live surrounded by mountains, stone and by the Atlantic Sea, far away from the big cities and crowds. This allows us to experience things with a certain distance and freedom, to enjoy a slower pace and to work more spontaneously, which we apply directly into our collections.

When we talk about the know-how, we refer to the way in which we understand the process of making our pieces. We want to work with the finest materials and use them wisely, paying careful attention to every detail. Quality and transparency are key to understand who we are and the expression of our creativity. 

Art and culture around us are a vital source of inspiration for us. We love being exposed to new experiences, and new discoveries within music, film, graphic design, and any kind of artistic expression. This influences our designs, which always keep a balance between beauty and functionality, and between its contemporary and timeless spirit.